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Jon Krider, Landscape Artist & Painter


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Hello! I'm Jon, by creating my art, I share my vision and bring beauty into everyday life.

Nature, with all its charm and mystery, has always sparked my curiosity. As an artist, I find my inspiration in the endless subjects and surprises that Mother Nature throws my way. Be it the fiery hues of a sunset or the delicate designs on a leaf, my goal is to snag the magic that makes nature so darn enchanting.

When I paint, I like to create a vibe that's real yet kind of otherworldly. I mix old-school and trendy painting techniques to get my ideas down on canvas. My style? It's realistic, with just a pinch of artistic pizzazz to add some motion and texture to each piece.

One big thing for me as an artist is to take the viewer on a journey into my canvas world. I want them to feel like they're right there in the scene, awestruck by the beauty and wonder of nature. To pull this off, I put a lot of focus on the little things in each piece, like how the light kisses a tree or the roughness of a rock. By plunging the viewer into the painting, I hope to spark a deeper love for the great outdoors and all its breathtaking sights.

Why Choose Original Paintings

Picking art for your pad isn't just a whim, right? It's about you - your style, your passions, your spark. Even just thinking about original art says a lot - you're into unique vibes and authenticity. Now, let's talk about my artwork. Each one's done on fine linen on panels or canvas. I prepare 'em myself and use top-notch paint that's gonna stick around. A bunch of my paintings start as sketches or photos, or even as plein air paintings done on-site. Each one's a snapshot of how I was feeling about that place at that moment. So, thanks for giving my artwork a look. Hope you find the perfect piece for your space. If you don't see something that grabs you, give me a shout. We could chat about a commission painting just for you - a one of a kind piece of your favorite spot.


Vacation Landscape Commission Paintings

One of my most popular client requests is a painting of their favorite vacation destination. I have received requests for paintings of vacation destinations from all over the world. These vacation location paintings are perfect for your vacation home to match the local decor and inspire relaxation. Alternatively, you may want to preserve the memory of your favorite vacation spot year-round in your primary residence.

Childhood & Current Hometown Commission Paintings

Clients often have fond memories of their childhood homes and towns and want to create a painting that captures these nostalgic experiences. With high-quality photos of the childhood home, I can create a beautiful piece that will be treasured. Although these commissions may take a bit longer to plan and produce, the end result is always worth it.

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What my clients are saying

"I absolutely love this painting. Jon's work is Incredible! The colors and attention to detail really capture and reveal a story and feeling behind the painting."

Harlee S. - CA

"The work quality was even better than the picture. Delivery was prompt and well packaged. Jon even included a frame with the painting. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience when ordering a piece of art online."

Nicholas L. - WA

"This painting of the ocean, rocks, palm tree, and sunset is so amazing! Every paint stroke shows so much detail including the leaves on the palm tree, the green bushes, the mountains, the water coming over the rocks, and the clouds in the sky. I will cherish this forever!"

Sharon W. - OH

"I commissioned a painting by Jon Krider for my wife's birthday. The process was well-planned and allowed my vision to come to life. Jon is a perfectionist and knows how to bring a painting to life. When my wife opened her gift, she immediately cried as she understood the meaning behind the painting. Seeing the painting in person left me speechless. 5 stars."

Michael T. - CA


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The Sun Newspaper Article

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Techniques Talk to WCAG

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Gathering Reference Photos in Switzerland

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