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Plein Air Paintings

My home studio - It's my chill zone, my quiet corner where I can let my creative juices flow and play around with my art. But man, there's something totally wild and hard to put into words that happens when I step out of my studio. Setting up my paint stuff under the big open sky, trying to capture all the awesome and varied beauty of the world around me... it's an experience like no other.

Every little moment of each day, every season with its unique mix of colors, every tiny change in how the light hits or how the weather feels, gives me a new and exciting chance to put the unique vibe, mood, and feel of my surroundings onto a canvas.

I find myself painting outdoors a lot, or doing what the fancy folks call "Plein Air" painting. This lets me practice and improve my art skills in an environment that's always changing, always moving, and always throwing curveballs. The mix of quick, instinct-driven brush strokes, the colors I choose for my palette, and my own take on the constantly changing scene in front of me, all come together to let me create cool, eye-catching art pieces that capture the real, lively essence of the world we're in.

While a lot of my outdoor paintings might start as quick studies or sketches, they often become the base for bigger, more detailed, and difficult studio pieces. They can also set me off on totally new artistic adventures, pushing me to try out new things in my art. By taking the time to really look, really engage with, and accurately depict my surroundings, I can create unique, captivating art pieces. These pieces can stir up all sorts of feelings - happiness, curiosity, interest, and a deep sense of connection in everyone who looks at them, making them more than just pretty pictures.

Doing plein air painting isn't just a technique for me; it's a process that helps me grow as an artist. It lets me share my own, personal view of the world with others. This chance to connect with others through my art, to share my vision and my interpretations of the world, is a truly awesome and fulfilling experience.